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"You're Gonna Lose That Girl"

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I wonder if the placement of "You're Gonna Lose That Girl" — on the British release of Help!, at least — was John having a bit of a knock at Paul? Think about it: we've just had Macca crowing that he's got "Another Girl", and up pops Lennon to tell him not only that he's gonna lose her, but that he's gonna make sure of it personally...

I'll make a point of taking her away from you,
(That's what I'll do, yeah!)
The way you treat her what else can I do?

Could just be a coincidence, of course: and it certainly had no bearing on the film plot, with this song coming well beforehand. Having said that, it is a far superior composition, laden with complex chord changes and intricate vocal backing. George's solo, meandering in and out of the harmonies, backs up the taunt defiantly:

Yes, yes — you're gonna lose that girl!

Paul's piano provides a little extra depth to the proceedings, while we find Ringo on drums and bongos — and is that really just a cigarette? Great, gritty lead from 'Don John', too: perhaps giving another respectful nod to Roy Orbison with the "only/lonely" lyric.

On the UK tracklisting, the title was written as "You're Going To Lose That Girl". It was all well and good for British bands to sing like Yankees back then, but perish the thought that EMI would actually promote such reprehensibly appalling grammar in print. Things had to be done proper, after all, dontcha know?!!
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