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"Your Mother Should Know"

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Let's all get up and dance to a song
That was a hit before your mother was born...

"Your Mother Should Know", as part of Macca's continuing and conscious attempt to 'close the generation gap' also fulfilled his perceived need for 'a big production number' with which to close the Magical Mystery Tour movie, though it was actually recorded well ahead of the film. Surprisingly, George said it was one of his favourite parts of the shoot (apart from getting to race the bus — with Ringo at the wheel — in his Mini Cooper, I guess!)

Ink Spots label from 78 rpm record
The Busby Berkley-on-acid choreography of the sequence, shot in a dressed-up abandoned RAF hangar, must have been an absolute nightmare, given the lack of any co-ordinated direction which characterized the entire project! I've always been surprised that John managed to find his way down the staircase without his glasses. They do all look very dapper in their immaculate white tail suits, don't they though? Particularly Paul with his black carnation, adding yet more fuel to those defunction rumours.

The polished panache of the song itself was the result of three recording sessions and numerous overdubs, Paul tickling the ivories and John providing the organ accompaniment. It was to be the last number which Eppy watched them work on, just five days before he died.

In serving to bridge the generation gap, while it was probably the best bit of the movie for any over sixty-fours who actually stuck the whole thing out that Boxing Day, I'm not entirely convinced that it was sufficient to turn them on to other Beatle music, or any other contemporary pop or rock. And I very much doubt it had whole hordes of hippies clamouring to borrow their grannies' old Inkspots and Andrews Sisters 78s, either.

Never stopped our Paulie from tryin', mind.

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