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"You Won't See Me"

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Why is it that you won't see me?!!

When I call you up,
Your line's engaged...

"No reply" was getting to be the standard response that Jane Asher was giving to Paul as they drifted slowly but inexorably apart. Their final rupture was still some way in the future (mid '68), but the rift between them was clearly widening, even back here. Macca's mixed emotions are very much in evidence in the dual sentiments of the lyric:

I have had enough, so act your age!
We have lost the time that was so hard to find,
And I will lose my mind,
If you won't see me!

Can't live with ya, can't live without ya... There's a hurting in his voice on this song which Paul rarely revealed, before or after. He certainly takes it out on that poor piano, "time after time" during the refrains; and the bass gets a bit of a bashing into the bargain. Can't help but wonder if his feelings of alienation from the other Beatles, as the only acid virgin of The Four, were also showing through a little:

I wouldn't mind if I knew what I was missing...

That said, they're all completely solidly behind him all the way here, as elsewhere on Rubber Soul. John and George are oh-so-sweet, both with the waterfall words and the wonderful woooooos. Good old Ringo even went so far as to double-track his hi-hat for the occasion, apparently. And then there's Our Mal's legendary one-note Hammond. 'Organ' Evans indeed! (One can only assume that 'Fingers' Aspinall was rolling the joints that day).

Oh yeah, and just which one of 'em was responsible for that exaltant "Yeahhhh!" just as they la-la-la it to the fade out? I've always suspected The Quiet One, personally: though I stand to be corrected...
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