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"You Never Give Me Your Money"

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You never give me your money,
You only give me your funny paper...

How things had changed since those carefree days of not caring too much for it. Nope: it hadn't bought even them Love.

Not only was it no longer fun being a Beatle, the situation was starting to get pretty nasty. Rolling numbers and dropping tabs had turned into keeping tabs and counting zeros; and 'Operation Klein-Up' had already commenced: peeling and coring the Apple, with McCartney out-voted three to one in every negotiation. 'Three hundred million against one', by his own calculation.

No wonder he sounds so utterly, desperately lonely during the opening passage, his heartstring bass and George's guitar backing the poignant piano.

And in the middle of investigations,
I break down...

But this is no time to wallow in what might have been: in kicks the next section, a completely incongruous boogie-woogie that somehow fits in perfectly:

Out of college, money spent;
See no future, pay no rent:
All the money's gone, nowhere to go...

The Beatles most certainly had nowhere else to go; but far from having no future, Paul's switching of moods, tempos and vocal styles to create a song within a song was a strategy which he would continue to employ during his later career, "Band On The Run" style.

And, oh, that magic feeling! — the band on the brink were still more than capable of helping him to pull it off. More a case of nothing to lose than nowhere to go, maybe; but each and every Beatle was right there in his rightful place — vocally and instrumentally — to make it work.

Here they go again:

One sweet dream!
Pick up the bags, get in the limousine...

The Four of 'em would soon be well away from each other: but, as the lyric points out, it wasn't quite yet the moment for those tears. They meshed here as only they could — George, in particular, step on the gas with the kind of soloing that showed he was gonna be just fine out in the big, wide world once the dream was finally over. Even so, it even seems that the basis of the album cut — probably due to vinyl time constraints — edited away a lengthy jam at the playout. The ongoing antagonisms between the two of them truly seemed to have gone out of the bathroom window, for just a while longer.

Though there's maybe a possible allusion to the Manson nightmare in the later overlaid count-chant coda,

One sweet dream really did come true that day,

Yes it did, now-ah-ah...

All good
Beatles go to heaven...

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