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"You Like Me Too Much"

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"You Like Me Too Much", George's second song on the Help! LP doesn't really show him making too much progress as a composer. It's a jolly enough little jaunt, carried along nicely by John's electric piano, but without really going anywhere after the bluesy introductory Martin/McCartney double act on the Steinway.

The awkwardness of the lyric is reflected in his delivery of it: he never sounds really convinced that "you like me too much and I like you". In fact, he can't quite seem to make his mind up if he's bragging or begging all the way through:

You've tried before to leave me but you never had the nerve,
To walk out and make me lonely which is all that I deserve,
You'll never leave me and you know it's true,
'Cos you like me too much and I like you...

It might even be less of a song than he'd considered "Don't Bother Me". But not to worry, better things were soon to come...

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