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"You Can't Do That"

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Here he is again, our Johnny, trying to get his head round his double-standards: "You can't do that, I'll go out of my mind!"

It's all well and good for him to up-and-off to pastures new whenever he feels like it (c/f "When I Get Home"), but just one more flutter of your eyelids at a potential rival, girl, is all that's required to have him

Let you down and leave you flat!

Another raunchy vocal to summon up the green-eyed monster, the tight call-and-response refrain seemingly giving his bandmates' seal of approval on his stance. The manic six-versus-twelve-string solo duel between John and George, almost discordant at times, with "the chord going chatoong" piles on the passion further, as Ringo piles on the cowbell. A heavy metal cover wouldn't be able to mosh it up much more, I don't reckon.

Because I've told you before:
Woah — you can't do that!

Far better, in fact, was John's future friend Harry Nilsson, mushing it up magnificently with a whole bunch of other Beatletoons.

But then — all the thrash aside — there's that gorgeous little outro, just to "let you down" so nice and gently.

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