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"Yes It Is"

Categories: Beatles songs

"Yes It Is" was the B-Side of "Ticket To Ride", released in the spring of 1965 and, in America, on Beatles VI a couple of months later. Composer John Lennon confessed that he was 'trying a rewrite of "This Boy", but it didn't quite work', and it's difficult to disagree (although Paul did, considering it 'a very fine song...')

Like "This Boy", it's an exercise in vocal harmony, this time aided and abetted by George's tone pedal whine. All of which are more than competently executed, but fail to compensate for the insubstantiality of the song as a whole. John tries to lift it with a hearty vocal effort for the bridge but, overall, the whole thing just drags a little bit.

Understand it's true,
Yes it is, it's true,
Yes it is.
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