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Yellow Submarine Songtrack album

A latter-day reimagining of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack that reflects the numerous Beatles songs that were actually in the film

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The Yellow Submarine Songtrack was issued to coincide with the 1999 re-launch of the film on the silver screen, video and DVD; heralded by a wave of publicity stunts, including the painting of the Eurostar Sub-Channel train fleet Yellow, and a life-sized reconstruction of the venerable vessel embarking on a world tour.

As the title suggests, the album featured songs which had been included in the movie: fifteen of 'em in all. Alongside the band's material from the original Yellow Submarine LP, Lady Eleanor and Baby Nowhere Man, Sgt Pepper and Lucy — for example — are all along for the ride (though not in the same order as they appeared in the story).

The Meanie-melting "All You Need" — the final Fabtrack on YS — was naturally reincorporated, although "A Day In The Life", whose rush had provided the sub's power-up, was excluded on the grounds of overloading the cargo hold with Pepper. George Harrison smuggled two extra tunes aboard, giving him a respectable tally of four. As for George Martin, whose orchestral score had made up the whole second side of the '68 edition, his creations were consigned to the Davey Jones' Locker of a DVD extra.

Much was made of the fact that, in contrast to all previously digitalized Beatlemusic, the Songtrack was remixed from the original tape sources, with one or two historical hiccups cleared up in the process. That said, for the average listener — as opposed to those accustomed to alternately scrutinizing versions through the highest-fi headphones on the market — the differences are not all that evident.

At the end of the day, it's the songs themselves that really matter: and, as a collection, this is an interesting, though not indispensable one.
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