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"Yellow Submarine In Pepperland"

Categories: Beatles songs

"Yellow Submarine In Pepperland" marks Old/Young Fred's triumphant return home in the trusty eponymous craft. First unbonking the Lord Mayor with a snatch of "Think For Yourself", the four fab friends go on to overthrow the Meanies by posing as Sgt Pepper's Band (to whom they bear an uncanny resemblance), blasting the blue buggers to oblivion (or, at least, to Argentina) with their time-tested theme-tune.

The march, in its complete form on the album, is an orchestral adaptation of the original song; duly credited 'Lennon & McCartney/arr. George Martin'. And a splendidly rousing rendition it is, to be sure!

Full of affection for the old singalong, Admiral Martin captures all the drama and the humour of the movie mission, and adorns it with a few nautical gags for good measure (the ship's bells, a snatch of "Sailors' Hornpipe"...). Alternating the different sections of the orchestra and playing with different tempos to revisit some of the other scene-themes from the voyage along the way, he brings them all together (now) for the resounding finale.

I have a lovely mental picture of him gleefully brandishing his baton as he drove it all along. Or sailed it.

Only one question remains: did he let Big Mal bang the big-bass drum again?!!
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