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"Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows"

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Turn off your mind.
Relax and float downstream...

Almost a capella, John's opening appeal sounds even further out there than ever.

And, perhaps, all the more apt for the forthcoming trip: joining John and George on one of their mutuals.

The "Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows" coupling was, in fact, the start of the voyage that became LOVE, being the first track that the Martin team put together in the early days of the project. Sequencing it to follow straight on from the stroll through Strawberry Fields was an inspired move:

Sgt Pepper wielding a Revolver...

Dad gives son credit for coming up with the idea of pasting Harrison's great cosmic vocal, with its epic east-meets-west strings, over the booming backbeat of 'The Void'. An audacious toe-dipping to be sure, and the moment he concluded that he'd landed himself 'the best job in the world'.

TNK remains one of Ringo's very finest moments, looping along to the drone set up between the Tambourah and the Hoffner. As for George's vocal — well, it just comes through as great and cosmic as always! And I'll wager that young Master Martin did contrive to get that "Gnik Nus" labmyc in there somewhere.

If you can actually turn off your mind enough to imagine never previously having heard either of the original tracks, then their fusion here is so precise that you would truly believe it was a congruent creation. In fact, that probably really was the case for the whole load of kids who got turned on and tuned into The Beatles for the first time by LOVE (are you one of them?!!), largely on account of its high profile on the Internet.

Spreading the Word of the Sixties, twenty-first century style.

With our Love,
With our Love,
We could save the world
— If they only knew...

Life goes on: float downstream in a boat on a river...
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