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"Wild Honey Pie"

Categories: Beatles songs

Heaven knows what herbal/chemical cocktail spawned "Wild Honey Pie", though I have the hilarious recollection of three of us pirouetting round the living room to it under the influence of magic mushrooms many years ago — wild, indeed!

Like various of his other songs on The White, Paul's the sole performer on this one — all far-out fifty-two seconds of it. Only Pixies could have been responsible for triplicating it years later, though I'd've loved to've heard The Residents give it a crack.

Killing time by playing with the multi-tracker while John and Ringo were working on something else (George being off on holiday again), he built up the layers of eccentric harmonies along with the drums and multiple guitar parts, "with lots of vibrato, pulling the strings madly".

Macca said that it was only at Pattie Harrison's insistence that the 'wild thing' was actually included on the album. I'm sure glad it was, if only for those manic mushie memories:

Honey Pie...
I love you!
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