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"When I Get Home"

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"When I Get Home" is another piece of Lennonian bravado, 'a bit Wilson Pickett-ish', according to him. Cranking in with that convoluted variation on the whoa-oh-ay intro to "I Should Have Known Better", it's the key-shifts on this number that save it from being a totally throwaway filler.

The bouncing between major and minor registers gives it a series of unpredictable twists, which — in turn — boost the tension, along with ambiguity of the lyric. I must have listened to this song thousands of times, yet it can still catch me out sometimes, singing along! (As for the falsettos, well, I just give 'em my best shot...)

Once again, we find John in a quandary as to whether he's the world's greatest and most faithful lover, or its most repugnant cheating swine:

When I'm getting home tonight,
I'm gonna hold her tight,
I'm gonna love her till the cows come home!
I bet I'll love her more,
Till I walk out that door — again!

Walk out or thrown out? Take it as you will: I'm pretty certain Mr Lennon would've said the same!

One last thought: I think it was Maureen Cleave who panned The Beatles for never using words of more than three syllables. "Tri-vi-a-li-ties"... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Didn't they teach people to count at journalist school back then?!!

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