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"What You're Doing"

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'Scuse me, Paul, but:

Would it be too much to ask of you
What you're doing to me?

Wasn't this number just a little too similar to "Every Little Thing" to be placed so close to it on Beatles For Sale? While it ain't exactly a bad song, it does have a very unBeatlish whiff of doing the same thing over. And, as if hoping to dissimulate the auto-plagiarism, so many 'dynamic' twists are employed that the whole thing just kinda loses itself along the way.

Ringo gets to play the intro: not a typical ploy for the band, granted, but not the first time he'd done it, either — and nowhere near as innovative as his timpani work on "ELT". Much has been made of McCartney's inter-line rhyme-scheme but, like the overly-syncopated beat, for me it comes across slightly clumsy and self-conscious, "and — there's no fun in it..." Well, not much, anyway: George's jangly electric twelve-string is probably the most enjoyable feature of all.

"Maybe it's a better recording than it is a song," Paul speculated. "Some of them are".

This one was.

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