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The oldest song on Rubber Soul, "Wait" — a Lennon/McCartney co-write — had originally been slated for inclusion on Help!, but was considered unfinished. Finding themselves a track short for the new record, and under pressure to meet the Christmas release deadline (again) they decided to polish it up.

That said, it's unfair to dismiss it as a mere filler, and "Wait" fits far more comfortably on Rubber Soul than it would've done on its predecessor. Granted, its 'hold on for me baby' theme was not a new one for the band, going back to "All My Loving", at least; but its upbeat, off-beat drive gives it a previously-unheard sense of urgency. I can't help but feel that they hadn't been able to finish it for Help! because they just didn't know how to at the time. The musical maturity which they had acquired in the interim enabled them to incorporate sophisticated subtleties of which they had simply been unaware of scant months before. The decision to 'wait' ("it's bin a long time [chik-chik"]) certainly paid off.

Belting bassline, particularly for the refrains, almost rivaling the fuzz-job on "Think For Yourself". The guitars lock in alongside, with occasional ringing flourishes to accentuate the lopsided rhythm. Ringo's multi-layered percussion (and some rollicking rolls) push the whole thing forward inexorably.

The blend of the dual vocal is as compelling as ever, from the a cappella opening to the gorgeous modulation at the close, as if to endorse the fact that both singers shared the same fears. Of course, the statement that "I've been good, as good as I can be" has to be taken with a liberal pinch of salt, given the quantity of girls who were throwing themselves at the pair at the time (and who were seldom turned down...) "Trust" was a relative concept back in the swinging sixties!
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