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"Two Of Us"

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"Two Of Us" provides all of us with a sweet little opener to the Let It Be album: its folksy acoustic arrangement and that oh-so-tight dual vocal seemingly suggesting that The Beatles were, indeed, on their way to realizing Paul's desire to 'get back' to basics.

Nevertheless, getting it there had been no easy task. Originally envisaged and rehearsed as a faster, rockier number, it took any number of run-throughs, discussions, suggestions and arguments to get it into shape. As evidenced in the movie, it was this song which provoked the row between Paul and George; the latter concluding, "I'll play whatever you want me to play, or I won't play at all if you don't want to me to play..."

He didn't play anything at all for a full two weeks, point-blank refusing to return to Twickenham. When combined Beatle begging did coax him back — relocating the project to the Apple Studios — and work on the song was resumed, he was seemingly permitted to play it his way: and very nicely his electric embellishments fitted in, too. Ringo provided a respectfully restrained performance, focussing the attention on the impeccable guitar/voice interplay.

Phil Spector's post-production, in this particular case, was similarly restrained. Aside from splicing in John's "dig a pygmy" intro, he seems to have sensed that the song's simplicity didn't call for any elaborate sound-sculpting. The Naked version is a straightforward remix, with little perceptible difference to the original.

Despite Paul's affirmation that the "Two Of Us" were he and Linda, having finally got it together after years of "sending postcards, writing letters", it's impossible to ignore the lyric's implications for his relationship with John. Even as the 'Two Of Them' were harmonizing so perfectly vocally, the discord between them — and the rest of the band — was fast reaching the point of no return.

By the time the album was eventually released, The Beatles was indeed a thing of the past for all of them.

You and I have memories,
Longer than the road that stretches out ahead...

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