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"Twist And Shout"

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Right from the cranked-up "La Bamba"-like intro, it's clear that The Beatles' version of "Twist And Shout" is gonna "shake it up" a whole lot more than The Isleys' ice-cool rendition, which had similarly had little to do with The Top Notes' 1961 original.

Famously left till the end of the twelve-hour Please Please Me album session, as everyone knew it would wreck any chances of Lennon singing anything else afterwards, it's the perfect book-end partner to "I Saw Her Standing There" — and that frenetic finish is as close to perfection as you can get!

And, yes, it did shag his voice completely, rendering even a second take impossible. With typical self-depreciation, John was never happy with his efforts, but it's the very rawness that makes his performance so absolutely electrifing here. The edge, according to Paul, wasn't just due to the cold and sore throat, but "because he worked his bollocks off that day": as had they all.

The shit-or-bust, last shot situation seemed to shake off the fatigue they must surely have been feeling as midnight drew near, and their wired-up energy and intuitive telepathy still rings out loud and proud. The overlapping stair-climb of the aaaahhhh interludes is a masterpiece of vocal control: until Lennon blasts it all away with that frenetic fringe-shaking scream, that is...

"Twist And Shout" remained part of their live set pretty much to the end of their touring days: they used it to open the '65 Shea and Hollywood Bowl shows, for example — but not even before the screaming hordes did they ever match the sweat-soaked adrenalin levels of the studio take.

Well, shake it,
Shake it,
Shake it baby, now!!!

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