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"Till There Was You"

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It has to be said, Macca has always had something of a taste for middle-of-the-road mush. 'Granny shit', John Lennon qualified the genre. Paul would doubtless justify "Till There Was You" (et cetera) as a means of demonstrating the band's versatility, but it probably has more to do with his personal quest to become 'the great all-round entertainer'.

It always seems incredible to me that they got away with playing it in the Hamburg clubs without being bottled! Mind you, The Queen probably dug it rather more than "Twist And Shout", with which they followed it at the Command Performance in November '64. She's a pretty nice girl... Both were recuperated for Anthology 1. The BBC version was recorded the following March.

McCartney's earlier incursions into croonerville had at least had something to redeem them. "A Taste Of Honey", for example, is saved by the double-tracked vocal — and the fact that it was a great song to begin with. This one, however, taken from The Music Man stageplay (via Peggy Lee), simply stinks. He actually warbles his way through the "music and wonderful roses": and how he ever persuaded George to play that plinkety-twee acoustic solo remains a mystery as inexplicable as the dawn of the universe.

It's one of the very few Beatles songs that I honestly wish

I never heard it at all...

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