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"Things We Said Today"

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"Things We Said Today" is a Paul song that sounds like John — or even Bob — might've been happy to've written! It clearly wasn't only Lennon who'd been smitten by that Zimmerman album they'd picked up in Paris, and there's a tangible Dylanesque quality to the speculative lyric on this track. It's not a straightforward love song, but rather a song about love, trying to work out what it is, exactly — and what it will become, especially in terms of his ongoing relationship with Jane Asher:

Someday when we're dreaming,
Deep in love, not a lot to say,
Then we will remember things we said today...

Playing with past, present and future timeframes would become something of a preoccupation of Paul's from that time on (or back): from "Follow The Sun" to the end of The Winding Road".

If Dylan could've been happy enough with the words, then an earlier idol — Buddy Holly — would've been more than content with the tune. With Lennon shadowing the composer's ominous Gitano guitar through the contemplative verses, they provide the perfect soundtrack for Paul's double-tracked peering into the crystal ball (as it would return to the future to do again, with John's squint through the "Glass Onion" on LOVE). George's ethereal interjections make it all the more beguiling. Then, it all sweeps effortlessly up into and back out of the rockier, cockier "lucky kind" refrain.

Make the most of being a Beatle!

Ringo, of course, is right there with all the shifts of sentiment: and check the way he holds back his tambourine whiplash 'till the end of song'. We also have Mr Lennon's first public outing on piano, if I'm not mistaken.

It was the very worthy B-side to A Hard Day's Night's title song 45, and though the BBC rendition was a little tame (tired?), it got really cranked up on stage at times.

A truly wonderful song:

Till the end of time...
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