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"There's A Place"

Categories: Beatles songs

A 'McCartney/Lennon' co-write and co-sing, "There's A Place" is an enormous example of their rapidly developing talents in both departments. The title may have been inspired by West Side Story's "Somewhere" ("there's a place for us"), but they succeed in taking it into a totally different dimension from Sondheim's whistful ballad,

Don't you know that it's so?

Musically, it's not too unlike "Please Please Me", with its up-front instrumental attack and wailing harp: though the vocal harmonies are, if anything, even more incisive — how it flies when George comes in alongside John and Paul!

GM's production echo on the PPM LP once again takes it to another place; particularly apt for maybe the first manifestaton of Lennon's introspective "Nowhere Man" persona:

There's a place where I can go
When I feel low, when I feel blue:
And it's my mind, and there's no time
When I'm alone.

Ringo keeps it all nailed into place, leaving George free to look forward to his Rickenbacker.

A great little song, setting us up perfectly for the final onslaught...
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