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"The Night Before"

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Freezing their balls off on Salisbury Plain, and very evidently reefered, "The Night Before" could well be the first manifestation of The Beatles' peace stance. The whole zone, a stone's throw from Stonehenge, is still Ministry of Defence territory — and there they were, singing about love (albeit lost). No wonder those tanks tried to chase them off: bloody long-haired little upstarts! OK, I know it was actually Clang and his Kaili cronies, but you get my point... Anyway, the military types would have more to moan about soon afterwards, when the band's MBEs were announced.

In fine keeping with the movie action, where it's interrupted by a snatch of "She's A Woman", it's a busy little number — though I'm not quite sure it really qualified for its inclusion on the Rock 'N' Roll Music comp. It's a lot more sophisticated than straightforward twelve-bar, that's fer sure...

The splendidly behatted ring-bearer underpins Macca's up-and-down bassline as deftly as ever, while the Dylan-capped John (who very graciously classified the song as 'good') pummels away at his electric pianette in a desperate attempt to keep warm. George's shelled-out solo fully fulfills Paul's "Yesss!" come on; and it really is impossible to imagine the vocals — double-tracked lead and locked-in backing — ever getting done any better:

So sincere!
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