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The Beatles' Second Album

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Beatles Second Album album cover art
The Beatles' Second Album was released for the U.S. market less than three months after the huge smash Meet The Beatles, and continues with that album's tradition of repackaging songs from various releases. If the group had reservations about this practice, they couldn't have complained about the result — American fans snapped up the album in droves. ("Well, we are English, we don't really know," remarked George Martin sardonically in an interview years later about his dealings with Capitol Records around this time.)

Containing only eleven songs (compared to the UK albums' 13 or 14) and with almost no slower-tempo numbers (see Smokey Robinson's "You've Really Got A Hold On Me"), The Beatles' Second Album stands as both quickie cash-in and unbelievably great rock and roll album. Over half — six — of the songs are covers, including Chuck Berry and Little Richard, while the originals include such furious raveups as "Thank You Girl" and "She Loves You".

The album's tracks were taken from the U.K. With The Beatles and A Hard Day's Night, as well as various singles and EPs.

At least as good as Meet The Beatles and every bit as much of a commercial success, The Beatles' Second Album only served to heighten the Beatles' already god-like stature in the U.S. One of history's most beloved rock albums, at least on its side of the Atlantic, it captures everything that made the Beatles' rise to the top perfectly justified.

The Beatles' Second Album was finally released in its original form on CD in 2004.
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