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"Thank You Girl"

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The Beatles' "Thank You Girl" white-label promo 45 on Vee Jay

White-label promo 45 of "Thank You Girl" on Vee Jay
I've often wondered what would have happened if "Thank You Girl" had been issued as the follow-up to the "Please Please Me" single as originally planned. A top-tenner, almost certainly: but would it have had the impact of "From Me To You" and begun to provoke the same levels of hysteria?

I think not...

It's a catchy enough little number, and — as Paul pointed out — all the girl fans would have taken it personally; but there's not much real substance under the echoey vocal, the harp and the slightly forced harmonies. Having staunchly rejected one song which their townmates made into a hit, this one sounds even more like Gerry And The Pacemakers than "How Do You Do It?" and "I Like It" rolled into one! Following on from the diversity of their debut album, it almost seems like a step backwards, even if it did take thirteen takes in the studio.* They also recorded it for the BBC's Easy Beat a couple of months later.

Whatever 'Merseybeat' might've been (no-one seems quite sure on that one), The Beatles had most certainly moved beyond it by this time. Even McCartney confessed that it was "a bit of a hack song, but all good practice..."

And all I've got to do
Is thank you, girl,
Thank you, girl.

If there was any girl who truly deserved thanking, then it was Helen Shapiro: for having them on that tour bus where they were inspired to write the real A-Side!

* There are different mono and stereo mixes according to which LP (or which edition) you listen to, essentially in the extent of the echo and the amount of harmonica overdubs.
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