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"Tell Me What You See"

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Although Paul rated "Tell Me What You See" as 'not awfully memorable' (despite claiming 60:40 credit for its composition), it is actually a pretty interesting little song on a variety of levels — and certainly much more than 'just filler' than "Another Girl", for example.

"Listen to it one more time" and check out how full the sound is. As well as the guitars and electric piano, there's a whole ruck of percussion tryin' to get to you, and forcing George Martin and engineer Norman Smith to stretch the primitive technological capabilities of the studio way past their normal limits in order to fit it everything in.

Tell me what you ...hear!

Far from being hemmed in by the loosely Latino rhythm, Ringo's drum fills almost give a pre-taste of "Tomorrow Never Knows" at times. Shapes of things to come! Paul and John complement each other matchlessly through the dual lead vocal,

We will never be apart,
If I'm part of you...

And then there are those harmonies on the title refrain: be they sung or simply hummed, for me they're some of the very finest on the whole of Help! — or Beatles VI, for that matter. Always get the sun shining for me, whatever the weather:

Big and black the clouds may be,
Time will pass away.
If you put your trust in me,
I'll make bright your day...
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