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"Sun King"

Categories: Beatles songs

The closing chimes of money loop into bells, birds and bugs to proclaim the arrival of the "Sun King".

Another of John's 'dream themes',

Ev'rybody's laughing,
Ev'rybody's happy

— a far cry from Beatle reality.

Dreamy, nonetheless, are their three-part harmonies; Uncle George tucking them all up snugly with a soft blanket of organ, and serving as a reminder that "Because" — although technically counted out of The Medley — remained central to it.

The when to much hispanotaliano lyric may not mean too much, but — mi amore — it sounds just great: and just as sweet backwards, as "Gnik Nus" on LOVE. Must be why they're called Romance Languages... That lirrle birra Liverpool (chicka ferdy) slides in very nicely, too

Musically, the guitarra channel-panny ostinati was vaguely inspired by Fleetwood Mac: flying their "Albatross" to more temperate climes.

Tropical archipelago arpeggios.

Paul's surf-swell bass and Ringo's rolling percussion interwash to make it the sunniest chill-out imaginable — until, that is, the latter rattles in the next change.
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