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"Something/Blue Jay Way (Transition)"

Categories: Beatles songs

Something in the way she moves directly into the vocal from the closing swell of "Gnik Nus", skipping the tumble-in drums and familiar guitar intro, somehow adds to the intimacy of George Harrison's most celebrated love song.

As with The Walrus, Martin and Martin incorporated demonstrated their capacity to realize when less is more, leaving the basic structure of the song largely unaltered (and how!).

The senior partner did, however, confess to moving around the component parts of the eight-track Abbey Road recording for the LOVE mix — most noticeable, he said, on the 5.1 surroundsound edition — the undulating effect only increasing the original's warmth. The subtle shimmering of ambient sound into the flow of the solo similarly serves to enhance its delicate beauty.

The transition into "Blue Jay Way"is seamless: and still surprises, despite being proclaimed in the tracklist. Although "Something" showed little evidence of his eastern leanings, Harrison always maintained that his study of Indian music was essential to his development of melodic forms.

From out of "somewhere", in float the opening strains of "Nowhere Man", Blue Jay's drum 'n' bass bump being joined by chatter and laughter and a keyboard jig.

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