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"Slow Down"

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Larry Williams was another old rocker/rhythm 'n' blueser long admired by The Beatles. Having previously recorded this number at the BBC back in August '63, they would go on to cover him again with "Bad Boy" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" (which had sported "Slow Down" as its original 1958 B-Side).

They all have a whole lotta fun with it: particularly Lennon, camping it up riotously with his owwww!!!/brrrrr!!! interjections — and his best scream since "Twist And Shout". And, as on "Matchbox", he relegates George to rhythm guitar. Paul underpins it all, allowing Ringo to indulge in a series of particularly manic fills. And even the impeccable Mr Martin may have had to loosen his tie a little as he overdubbed the Jerry-Lee style piano part.

You better slow down:
Baby, now you're moving way too fast!

Limited to release on the Long Tall Sally EP in the UK, it was issued on the Something New album Stateside.
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