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"Sie Liebt Dich"

Categories: Beatles songs

Die Beatles once again, this time with a Deutschen Massakreiren of "She Loves You". Recorded along with "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" in Paris, this one actually charted in America as well as Germany!

Slightly faster than the original, there's considerable online dispute as to whether they actually played a new version, or simply speeded up the existing backing tape. Nobody from the inner circle has shed any light on the subject, to my knowledge: though the latter possibility could explain the unexplained loss of said recording.

Dare you to try and sing along:

Ja, das wid sie verstehen,
Und dann verzeiht sie dir — woooo!

Always amazes me that they managed to resist the temptation of singing "ja ja ja" in the chorus. Mitt ein Dr Strangelove accent, Peter Sellers did just that on his version of the original version. And den dere was his rural Oirish rendition, "yess, yeah, yess"...
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