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"She's A Woman"

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Bold and ballsy, "She's A Woman" is another B-Side (the flip to "I Feel Fine") that would've held its head up just fine on an album. But, then again, what would you have missed off Beatles For Sale?!! It mingles in nicely enough on the American Beatles '65, at any rate — even if it was recorded in '64... The very sexy version they played for Aunty Beeb was broadcast the day before the single was released, and the song cropped up on the radio again during the Help! movie, as well as being screamed all over at Shea.

Big boys now, no longer playing with the little girls, "She's A Woman" shows our lads really growing up musically as well. The choppy intro simply oozes confidence, which is fully maintained throughout the whole three minutes (often substantially longer on stage). That good ol' Beatlepathy is in clear evidence all the way in the interplay of the guitars with Macca's bass and piano. His strained, supercharged vocal — goin' fer that Li'l Rich register again — serves only to enhance the excitement. Only fooling? You know he isn't!

Possibly the first drugs reference in a Beatles' song, too. If Bobby Dylan had misheard 'I get high' on "I Want To Hold Your Hand", he'd more than compensated by getting them high on their second visit to the States:

Turns me on when I get lonely,
People tell me that she's only fooling:
I know she isn't!

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