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"She Said, She Said"

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Peter Fonda in 1966, on a motorcycle in "Wild Angels"

Peter Fonda in 1966
The last track to be recorded for Revolver, "She Said, She Said" is John's account of a crazy day on LSD in California during their '65 tour; together with The Byrds, a few birds, and Peter Fonda. The pre-Easy Rider actor — in spite of his neat trick of walking across the bottom of the pool — was starting to make everyone "ready to leave", flashing the scar on his stomach where he'd accidentally shot himself as a kid and repeatedly ranting

I know what it's like to be dead!

It fell to Lennon to shut him up, enquiring — with characteristic bluntness — "Who put all that shit in your head, man?!!"

The strident guitar sound is once again reminiscent of McGuinn's, or vice-versa. Compare it with "Eight Miles High", released almost simultaneously on the other side of The Pond: who knows, baby, maybe recalling the same day! Mr Starkey's drumming and cymbal splashes are completely wild: evidently trying to re-live the intensity of what had been his first trip.

Ev'rything was right!

The bass part was probably played by George, as Paul had apparently stormed out of the studio in a huff. Perhaps the fact that he'd missed out on the first-hand experience — by his own choice — was still rankling a bit?

Making me feel like I've never been born!

He was on hand, however, to contribute that marvelous overlapping backing vocal which fades out the first side of the album.
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