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"She Loves You"

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"She Loves You" is the indisputable soundtrack to Beatlemania — the British variety, at least — a phenomenon which John calculated to have commenced in Scotland ("there being nothing better to do up there in those days").

From Ringo's tumbling roll-in, to the key-shift for the closing Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Y-E-E-E-E-A-H, it was — according to McCartney — custom-written as the single they knew they needed to put out at the time. Just two days before they recorded it, if Lennon's shaky memory is to be trusted!

Like "From Me To You", it was an on-the-bus John/Paul co-write, this time touring with Roy Orbison. Writing in the third person was a deliberate attempt to get away from the tried-and tested 'iloveyouandyouloveme' formula. The Beatles were never content to rest on their laurels, and their whole career was an ongoing quest to do something different from what had gone before.

'The Madness' (George's term) had reached the point that, not long after the release of the first LP, the screams were beginning to render them inaudible on stage and the taxi-dodge getaway schemes were becoming par for the course. The energy levels squeezed into the 2 1/2 mins which make up "She Loves You" come across like the band's adrenalin-charged reaction to the spiralling insanity that was starting to surround them.

I've heard plenty of people over the years laugh it off for its 'naivety', 'simplicity'. I've still to hear anyone say exactly what they'd do to make it any better... Forget you've heard it seven million times, and listen to it — preferably on phones — and try to ignore the full-on intensity of the individual contributions, not to mention the integral incisiveness of the harmonies.

It number-oned twice in the same run and spent a total of 31 weeks on the UK chart, becoming the highest seller of '63, and — up to that point — of all time. It remains The Beatles' biggest-selling UK single still now,

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