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"She Came In Through The Bathroom Window"

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"She Came In Through The Bathroom Window", dropping deftly from George's final flourish for Poly Pam and protected by a silver spoon.

One can only assume that the Scruff who'd popped into Paul's place the same way one day had similarly had her confidence pharmaceutically boosted...

The switch into yet another song segment is impeccable. Lennon might've said he thought Abbey Road was "too slick", but it does smell rather like vintage Lennonion anti-Beatle bullshit from this distance. And he was very definitely right there where he needed to be, instrumentally and vocally, alongside the equally exemplary George in executing it, as Macca recounted what 'She Said She Did'; mainly based on things that he said he saw in the States during the Apple launch/visit Linda trip the previous spring. Any-jobber, steady-jobber: Eugene 'Quits' was the NYC cabbie who'd driven them around, licensed — natch — by the Police Department.

As a song, Paul had been sucking his thumb and wondering about her at least since the sessions for Get Back/Let It Be. The slow 'n' spacey Savile Row take on Anthology 3 demonstrates that he was thinking out loud about where to take her, even then. The final version — one of Ringo's personal fab faves — was the result of five days studio work.

That's seventy-five clubsworth, man!

Sunday's on the phone to Monday,
Tuesday's on the phone to me...

Joe Cocker's ballsy rendition, recorded soon after AR, is well fine and dandy: proving — like he'd done with "Help From My Friends" — that if you're gonna cover a toon, then the only way to do it is to do it your way.

She could steal, but she could not rob...

There are unsubstantiated rumours of Paul having switched bass and lead duties with George on this song, but it don't sound that way to me. Those crashing downscales, because they're so heavy, and something about the glistening fills are too representative of their playing elsewhere on the album to've been made any other way — and, as the rhythm track is supposed to have been performed straight on Pam's back, it would've been a bit tricky swapping over.

Didn't anybody tell her?
Didn't anybody see?

McDubriffs, however, are certainly not beyond the banks of the ol' lagoon, maybe while Ringo was busy reinforcing the percussion and everyone else was layering on extra vocals and dropping in those hefty handclaps.

Well she knew,
But she could not say...

(Oh Yeah)

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