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"Sea Of Time"

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Having stopped off in Liverpool ('a lonely place on a Saturday night — and this is only Thursday morning'), and with our friends All Together Now and all aboard, the sub launches itself straight into the "Sea Of Time" — 'relatively speaking...'

What with all the lever-pulling and button-pushing going on, there are considerable differences between the film soundtrack (where it's interrupted by "When I'm Sixty-Four") and this, the full album version.

Opening with an extended, edgier variation on the sitar and strings theme from "Within You, Without You", it flows the rescuers on beneath the waves — happily arguing as usual — until a sweet little music-box tick-tock motif starts to mark the temporal eccentricities which they experience. So much younger than today, then a little bit older and a little bit slower, The Beatles manage to hold the hands of the clock, and GM sweeps the sub onwards in a swirling waltz.

There's a further anachronism to follow: though the next tune is the "Sea Of Holes", the crew actually passed through several more subaquatic scenarios before reaching that particular destination. This sequential confusion was compounded on the original American release, where the two tracks were listed as a single medley.

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