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"Sea Of Holes"

Categories: Beatles songs

The "Sea OF Holes", despite its temporal displacement from the film's Sub Plot (where it comes directly after the the Sea Of Science and the "Sea Of Time") and its merging with the latter on the Capiol LP, remains George Martin's most adventurous composition for the voyage.

In keeping with the spatial anomalies which our heroes are now facing, he drops in a sparse, minimalist sequence — the opening of which has always brought to my mind Mysterons as much as Meanies.

Some creepy, backward-sounding segments (and do I detect some protosynth?) suck 'n' pop the four-and-friend in and out of the inter-dimensional openings — amazingly animated. Tooth-chattering glockenspiels and the woeful horns of hopelessly lost boats add to the unsettling experience, in a place which reminds John of Blackburn, Lancashire.

Oh boy!

Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD (aka "Nowhere Man") is abruptly abducted by a Blue Meanie:

"Hydrolet, fervence, crytodine
— I think we're near the Sea Of Green!"

In the movie, maybe.

But, on the record — possibly thanks to the hole in Ringo's pocket — it's on we go back to the "Sea Of Monsters"...
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