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"Savoy Truffle"

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"Savoy Truffle" — and the rest of the box — was specially gift-wrapped by George for his mate Eric, well-known guitarist and incurable chocoholic. Perhaps it was a case of 'comfort eating', with his band Cream (tangerine, montelimat) perpetually on the point of breaking up; him and Jack and Ginger slinging their respective hooks, then patching things up again one more time.

An explosive little package it was, too! Harrison reels off the contents list from a popular selection box — "You know it's Good News" (nice bit of anti-advertising there) — interspersed with graphic warnings about the consequences of such overindulgence. He had plenty of fun with the vocal on this one, positively savouring every word and line as they rolled off his tongue. George knew all about dentists, of course: certainly enough to be sure that multiple extractions weren't gonna be no trip...

You might not feel it now,
But when the pain cuts through
You're gonna know, and how!

His Strat squeals like the tooth-doctor's drill, with the bass and drums keeping the patient strapped securely to the chair. No John, apparently; perhaps not having the pineapple heart for a flashback to the infamous orthodontic experience ("coffee dessert"). Engineer Chris Thomas once again sat in on cool cherry keys.

Six Saxes provided the coconut fudge that "blows out the blues", though the players were said to be less than sweet about the distortion levels on which the confectioner insisted. Horns weren't often a Harrison thing with The Beatles, but the way he blends with them for the solo, playing the vocal line as they mock the victim's fate, is simply delicious.

And what of that little mention of "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"? A reassurance that "life goes on" even with no teeth: or a sly reference to an equally sickening experience?!!

You know that what you eat, you are:
But what is sweet now turns so sour...

The future Derek Domino was probably too busy eyeing up "Layla" to take any heed of her husband's advice at the time but, nevertheless, the admonishment remains for all you sweet-tooths out there:

You'll have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle!
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