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"Run For Your Life"

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"Run For Your Life", Little Girl(s), Jealous Guy John's on the loose again: not just menacing, but positively sermonising this time — and ripping off The King into the act. The opening "rather see you dead" shot was lifted from "Baby Let's Play House", a relatively obscure 1956 Elvis track.

Lennon qualified the Rubber Soul closer, like many other songs, as 'a knock-off' ('but it was always a favourite of George's...') Not surprising, really: he sounds to have had an absolutely splendid time of it all, getting right back on down to his rockerboy roots with that full-on Scotty Moore style guitar attack.

He's not the only one: Paul and Ring also seemed to have a riot to make it swing — and I can't imagine Johnny Rhythm himself not having had one of his slyest smirks on his face as he was hammering the hell out of the ol' acoustic — especially as they hit the crank-up into the final onslaught.

Fine fun all round on backing vox, too: "that's the end-uh, little girl!" Another treat for channel-switch listening, GM's RS production gamble coming up trumps yet again.

Lennon later lamented the laddish (loutish?) line of this kind of lyric: 'I was always a two-faced bastard — and a complete fuckin' coward too'. Even so, and not for the first time, his underlying insecurities were scantily veiled by his big-mouthed bluster here. The sermon was evidently being addressed to himself, very well-aware that it was he who was running for his life, however determined he was to "hide his head in the sand".

Ain't no runnin' away from it,

Ah no-no-no!
Ah no-no-no-o-o!!!

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