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"Roll Over Beethoven"

Categories: Beatles songs

It can't've been news even to Tchaikovsky that Chuck Berry had been revered as a god by all of The Beatles for years already, so it's no surprise that they should've chosen to record one of his songs as early as they could. Opening Side Two of With The Beatles (and Side One on the US Beatles' Second Album), "Roll Over Beethoven" had been a Harrison vocal since Hamburg, as testified by the no-holds-barred but appallingly recorded version on the Live! At The Star Club LP.

This take is somewhat more restrained (and substantially better mixed!) Nevertheless, "it's a rockin' little record", driven along by an accompaniment fairly faithful to Chuck's original, with those ubiquitous Beatle handclaps helping it to "move on up just a trifle further" into the realms of pop. George also rolled it over for the BBC the following March.

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