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"Rock & Roll Music" (song)

Categories: Beatles songs

The title "Rock & Roll Music" pretty much says it all, really. Chuck Berry cover, into which The Beatles chuck considerably more dynamite than the good-natured original. They'd started playing it even pre-Hamburg, so the whole thing is tighter than their trouser legs:

It's got a back-beat, you can't lose it,
Any old time you use it!

Lennon gives the vocal a real caning. It's quite mesmerizing, the way he summons up just a bit more energy to attack each successive verse, till he's gasping for breath and at cracking-point. It's amazing that any of them had any voice — or energy — left at all by October '64: but between this one and Paul's "Kansas City" (from the same session), you get a real good idea of the stamina levels which the slog had given them.

Man, they were goin' like a hurricane!

Still, they managed to find just a bit more, in order to record it for their '64 Chrismas Special at the Beeb; indeed, it remained part of their live set right to the end.

It's gotta be rock roll music,
If you wanna dance with me!
If you wanna dance with me!
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