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"Revolution" [LOVE version]

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Saw-bowed cellos and an intermittent double-stick drum thud grind "Cry Baby" to a halt. Before you've had time to draw breath, "Revolution" breaks out. As Giles Martin has astutely observed, 'Even today it defines the word distortion'.

Back then, it was another truly revolutionary recording: guitars jacked straight into the control desk, levels set to eleven. 'Hard rock recordings do not come much stronger than this one,' reflected Sir George.

Right from his throat-ripping launch-in scream, Lennon's vocal attack remains as full-on, all-out as ever:

We all wanna change the world!

Under the circumstances, the producers' only real solution was to leave well alone — aside from shoving the volume sliders up still further. Digital mixers, I understand, are designed to go to twelve... (and stay there!) The altercation also lasted a little longer on the DVD version.

And you just gotta LOVE that call and response twist they lobbed into the closing vocal volley:


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