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Reel Music

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Beatles "Reel Music" vinyl LP album compilation cover art
Reel Music was a 1982 compilation of songs from the five Beatlefilms, ordered chronologically, according to their original cinematographic (or televisionic) release dates. It was issued to coincide with the Dolby stereo relaunch of A Hard Day's Night. Fittingly, many of the tracks were included in stereo form, which had been previously unavailable — in America, at least.

The title track from 'Beatlemania' kicks off, followed by "I Should Have Known Better", "Can't Buy Me Love" and "And I Love Her". Help! is represented by its opening cry, "Hide Your Love Away" and "Ticket to Ride". The fanfaring main theme from Magical Mystery Tour closes Side One.

The trip continues with "I Am The Walrus", then takes us beneath the waves in a "Yellow Submarine". Also from the cartoon movie soundtrack comes "All You Need Is Love". And so to Let It Be: the title track, "Get Back" and "The Long And Winding Road" summing up the swansong — and Paul's dominance of it.

"The Beatles Movie Medley" single, inspired by the previous year's "Stars On 45" mix was released simultaneously with the album and, in spite of Parlophone's initial reservations about its 'tackiness', it made the top twenty on both sides of The Pond.

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