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"Polythene Pam"

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John's stinging twelve-string wings in "Polythene Pam", backed to the hilt by Paul's indignant bass recoils.

'Another bit of crap written in India', like Brother Mustard, Pam's pre-white predecessor can also be found on Anthology 3. Recycling the plastic for Abbey Road, she's rather more attractively built: and perfectly placed to pursue her stingy sibling, rather than having their relationship distanced by "Her Majesty" as originally envisaged.

Lennon affects his crassest Scouse accent to extol the dubious virtues of the type of a tart who'd make front page headlines in any old scandal sheet: and, what with 'er androgynous good-looks and 'er jack-boots and kilt (not to mention the PVC), getting her to look like some kind of proto-punkette instead of just another pornographic priestess.

The vocal backing is pure fantasy too — P 'n' G's sweetest harmonies floating in and out of the anything but innocent little character sketch.


Ringo gives his brand new tom-toms a real good work-out for the duration, then


Another killer-diller solo from George.

We'll listen to that now...
(Heh Heh!)


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