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"Please Mr Postman"

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"Please Mr Postman", the final song on the first side of With The Beatles, is a version of The Marvelettes' marvellous 1961 Motown hit. Any time I'm unable to skip "Till There Was You", it never takes long for this cover "to make me feel better".

As with their previous borrowings from American girl bands, the Liverpool boys make it all their own. Obviously Gladys Horton's "boyfriend" becomes Lennon's "girlfriend, so far away" as he exhorts the mailman to "wait a minute" and re-check his sack for news of her; but they also manage to instill a sense of urgency somehow lacking in the sweet original. John's voice is again a key factor, and the backing harmonies are every bit as solid as the ladies', though the up-tempo attack and handclap barrages also play a major part.

Deliver de letter,
De sooner de better!

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