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George's "Piggies" were clearly the fat, snorting business-types that he — and the rest of The Beatles — so despised: impeccably turned out "in their starched white shirts" while they wallowed around in the shit of high finance. As a slice (or rasher) of social satire, Orwell's Animal Farm must have been an influence, though Harrison's porky parody bears all the hallmarks of his own sarcastic sense of humour: which he'd evidently inherited from his mum, who came up with the "damn good whacking" line — bless 'er!

The elaborate mocque-baroque packaging shoved their snouts in it still further, turning the 'respectable classical' cliché on its curly little tail. GM's string arrangement was one of his very finest, and Chris Thomas excelled on the harpsichord. Not bad, for the tea-boy! John and Paul served up the pompous backing vocal with gusto, the former also being responsible for the grunt-loop. Ringo merely tapped his tambourine in agreement.

What none of them could have possibly foreseen was a mad swine called Manson taking it as an excuse to carve up various victims. References to the song, like other tracks from The White, were found written in blood at the scenes of the massacres, and "forks and knives" were actually left impaled into some of the bodies.

'Thank God they caught the bugger', said Ringo.

Manson remains in the California State Penitentiary, his original sentence reduced to life imprisonment by the abolition of the death penalty there, and will be eligible to apply for parole in 2012.

It can only be hoped that he will be forced to stay in his sty,

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