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"Pepperland Laid Waste"

Categories: Beatles songs

With "Pepperland Laid Waste" by the inexorable "March Of The Meanies", what a colourless, desolate place it has become.

Segmented throughout the movie, George Martin brings it together on the album to paint the bleak, monochromatic soundscape with a mournful variation of his main theme. Gone are its frills and flourishes, along with the Love and Beauty of Pepperland itself. The last glimmers of hope, provided by a fragile flute, are repeatedly wiped out by by subdued strings. Woeful woodwind carries the lament, with muted brass to take it even further down.

A blue bugle call sounds the victory; and few final, resounding apple-bonks ensure that the devastation is complete.

"Bless my metronome", even the Sergeant's Band have been rendered mute, sealed inside in a Kentucky blueglass bowl.

Fortunately — as we shall see — "nothing's Beatleproof".
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