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Once upon a time — or maybe twice — there was an unearthly paradise called... Pepperland.

George Martin's overture, in a shortened version, opens the film; accompanied by cartoon images of this psychedelic, undersea idyll. And, right from its grandiose introductory flourishes, very nicely it evokes the human and physical landscape of beautiful pleasure domes, too. Let's face it, Mr M always was a master arranger! He has spoken fondly of the experience, especially the challenge of composing and conducting within the confines of the 24 frames per second requirements of the animation.

The full take on the album, uninterrupted by the "March Of The Meanies", is a lush combination of strings and tinkling piano (provided by his good self, I wouldn't be surprised), counterpointed by brass and woodwind, building to a fine crescendo finish — Meanilly curtailed in the movie. Nevertheless, it serves as the film's main theme, recurring in various forms throughout.

But, with "no time for trivialities" in the face of the blue onslaught, Good Old/Young Fred is dispatched — by no less than the Lord Mayor Of Pepperland himself — to go and look for Help! in the Yellow Sumarine.
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