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Past Masters Vol. 2

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Beatles Past Masters Vol. 2 album cover art
Past Masters Volume 2 picks straight up where Vol 1 had left off, with "Day Tripper", and provides a one-way ticket (yeah) to the end of The Beatles' career.

Like its counterpart, it made the band's non-album singles and B-sides available on CD for the first time. Issued in 1988 — the year after the album transfers — the two were originally released as separate volumes, but were soon after repackaged as a double: nice marketing move, that! Both were available as a vinyl double-album too.

"Get Back" and "Let It Be", which differed from their counterparts on the LP, were duly included in its chronology, though they had been previously issued (on vinyl) on The Blue. A slightly edited version of the WWF "Across The Universe" was also featured. Winding up with "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number"), both the UK and US Rarities compilations were effectively rendered obsolete.

At the time of release, the quality of the transfer process was widely criticised: that AAD disclaimer about revealing source limitations certainly rang true. Similarly, the stereo effect used on some tracks came in for some flak — as it had on the album CDs. That said, it never stopped any of them from selling: the majority of fans, I'm guessing, were happy enough just to have the songs available, whatever their hifiphilical limitations.

The 2009 Remastered releases have enabled those who were really bothered about it to shell out all over again. How come EMI are claiming to be nearly bankrupt?!! The simultaneously issued Mono Masters is devoid of any kind of enhancement trickery, and carries a different tracklist, omitting the songs which were only originally mixed in stereo and replacing them with mono versions intended for the aborted Yellow Submarine EP.

You know the names,
You know the numbers,
So what's up with you?
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