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"P.S. I Love You"

Categories: Beatles songs

"P.S. I Love You" was the flipside of "Love Me Do", transferred to the Please Please Me album using the same take, with session drummer Andy White relegating Ringo to the maracas.

Written in Hamburg, Paul has always maintained that it was simply an exercise to try a 'letter song', and not based on any real personal correspondence. I've always had the feeling that he tried just a little too hard in coming up with this slighty contrived little crooner. There's something of an early-Elvis feel to it, both vocally and in the Scotty Moore style guitar work; but, in the well-intentioned attempt to be tight, the whole thing ends up coming across just a tiny bit forced. White's bland bossa nova beat certainly doesn't help matters, and I always find the syllable stress in the backing vocal rather stilted and old-fashioned — even for those days:

Trea-sure these few -words- till we're to-gether...

It gains an edge when Macca loosens up a little more, overlapping with the chorus towards the end:

You know I want you to remember...

...but by then it's a little too late to salvage it from the average. It was briefly pondered as their debut A-side, but Mr Martin considered that it could be confused with a 1930's song bearing the same title.

Probably just as well.
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