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"Mother Nature's Son"

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"Mother Nature's Son" comes as a welcome breath of fresh air after the claustrophobic intensity of "Yer Blues" — albeit carrying the heady aroma of the harvest from Paul's "field of grass".

Another India song, apparently inspired by one of the Maharishi's lectures, it also provides evidence of the fact that The Beatles spent at least as much time bunking off into the surrounding countryside with their acoustic guitars as they did actually listening to his 'words of wisdom' in the ashram.

All day long I'm sitting singing songs for everyone ...

They were accompanied, more often than not, by Donovan; whose influence is plain in the intricate folky-picking arrangement of the melody. In stark contrast to Lennon's internal agony, with all of creation seemingly conspiring against him, Paul's pastoral paean sees him calm and centred: at peace with himself and his place within the cosmos. Maybe that's why a John song called "Child Of Nature" got shelved at the time: though it later reemerged from the cocoon, transformed into "Jealous Guy".

Nevertheless, Neil 'Nasty' Innes might well have actually outruttled both of them — and the actual Donovan and Julia and Prudence too — with the actual post-ouiji board tapping "Let's Be Natural".

Back in the uncomfortable Beatleality of The White, however, "Mother Nature's Son" became yet another one Mac show, with the composer providing the percussion (the timpani set up out in the corridor, to give it a suitably faraway feel), in addition to the double guitar part. George Martin's exquisitely understated brass arrangement is just perfect in transplanting the sentiments from the Himalayan foothills to 'England's green and pleasant land', flowing like the proverbial mountain stream through the non-verbal vocal embellishments.

On more recent excursions, an accordion has supplied the ambience, with Paul still in fine vocal form:

Yeah, yeah, yeah...
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