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"Money (That's What I Want)"

Categories: Beatles songs

Just as "Twist And Shout" had provided a killer finish for Please Please Me, this one does a sterling job on With The Beatles:

Their "Money" gives me a thrill!

Motown Records' first big hit, provided by Barrett Strong in 1959, it had been part of The Beatles' repertoire pretty much since they got together. George Martin's pounding piano and the all-Starr backbeat (together with a whole host of handclaps) help to heft it up substantially from the original; and what sound like mixed-in car horns further fuel the frenzy.

Lennon's shout is every bit as raw as it had been on "Twist", though at least he had the luxury of double tracking — and no cold — this time around. P 'n' G were on as fine a form as ever for the mic-attack backing, with John getting in on the act 'n' all, care of the overdubs.

That's what I wa-a-a-a-ant,
That's what I want!!!
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