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"Mean Mr Mustard"

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"Mean Mr Mustard" shifts the dream focus of "Sun King" completely, though they were recorded as a single take.

The comic-grotesque tale of the dirty old miser had come from a news story back before India and been turned into a song while they were there. One of his earlier outings is recounted on Anthology 3, along with his sister, Pam; who wasn't originally his sister at all, but ousted Shirley for the sake of the medley.

John's piano and Paul's bass — fuzzed anew — plod him along to kind of a fat tuba riff. Both George and Ringo remain appropriately economic (or should that be 'tight'?)

It was originally envisaged to literally take him out to look at The Queen by including "Her Majesty" at this point in the sequence, though the idea was quickly dropped in a hole in the road.

Just as well: it really would've been something obscene...

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