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"Maxwell's Silver Hammer"

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So ridiculous,
Paul in plan meticulous:
Story's not unknown.
Long stints with the lads in the studio-woah-oh-oh-oh...

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" banged on and on to the point of becoming the new "Ob-La-Di" (or, at least, more Bla-Di-Da) as Macca called for 'just another other take, 'cos it's a great little song, y'know...'

John did not agree,
And he told him so-woah-oh-oh...

'More Granny Shit' he branded it, and refused to have anything to do with the venture, his recent bang-bang up in Scotland serving as a reasonable excuse (if he really needed one).

Back at Abbey Road,
George and Ringo bore the load,
'Creasingly annoyed...

It is interesting, don't you think, that it was often Paul's little novelty-nostalgia numbers which caused most studio tension within the band. Nevertheless, wishing to avoid an unpleasant scene, G 'n' R bit the bullet and beat the anvil respectively: tracking fifty times 'I must not be so-woah-oh-oh...'

'It went on for fucking weeks. I thought it was mad', recalled the frustrated farrier. It was, in fact, 'only' three days — though the exaggeration is a pretty a good indicator of how they must've dragged. And I really would like to know why Big Mal had his mallet confiscated, having had to haul the smithy-block across from Twickenham in the first place.

'So fruity!' said George, though conceding that 'After a while we did a good job on it'. What else could they have done, what with Paul standing over 'em like teacher, policeman, judge and psychopath all rolled into one?!!

Love him or hate him, "Maxwell" is impeccably turned out, and — as Mr H also observed — the tune does get stuck in your head (whether you like it or not). Mac's well-writ lyric carries the sicko storyline well enough, even if the 'surprise ending' is pretty predictable. His meandering Moog part also serves to make it a wee bit different to his other whimsy trips, adding a disconcerting undertone to the rest of his chummy rendition.

Some folks have suggested that Max was actually Manson, though the Silver Hammer was first wielded months before the butcher knives.

Some folks said Paul had died, too.

Probably the same ones.

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